Staying fit during pregnancy – diving in

Really never having been a big swimmer, I have lately come to appreciate the benefits of regular exercise in pools.

Not having to feel the heavy burden that can be your pregnant body is simply a bliss.

Another side effect of swimming is that it helps (or is supposed to) with diminuishing a bit the effects of water retention, like the swelling of feet, etc.

Of course, being as slow as I am, I try not to go to the pool during rush hours such as not to be in the way of let’s say more professional swimmers.

But still, I try to go lane after lane and feel proud of myself just for making this effort of increasing my endurance (both mentally and physically).

Since Luxembourg boasts a number of well maintained pools all within a reasonable distance from the City (or even within), there really are no excuses not to dive in several times per week.


Are these really my feet?

2016-02-23 - The Expatrice 01dAll these Pilates exercises,  the walks and last but not least the lymphatic drainage apparently do next to nothing when it comes to those Preggo feet.

Previously thought that there was a limit as to how swollen feet could get –

but it sure seems I was wrong.

The only question is: where is the Limit?

Have you reached “Maximum hippo feet” when you cannot distinguish one toe from another anymore?

Or is it that moment when you have trouble putting on your Birkenstocks or Havainas IN THE MORNING?




Staying fit during pregnancy

Approaching the end of my pregnancy, I have to admit that I am struggling to juggle all that extra weight but at the same time to get off the couch, stay fit and help my body get prepared for birth. What stills works best for me are swimming, special “Pilates for pregnancy” Courses. Feels nice though to be the lady with the biggest belly in most courses but to still be able to do most exercises. More or less gracefully that is…

Last Day @ Work or maternity leave…NOT



As of tomorrow, I will be without a job.

After nearly two years, my job contract ended as scheduled today, February 29.

In a way, I rightly feel like I have been in this place before – but actually it has never been anything like this. Before, when one mission was about to end, I always had an idea of what (or where) my next job would be (or at least how I was going about pursuing the next job). And my goals were purely professional.

Now, I find myself with 12 weeks before I am legally not allowed to work anymore – so far, employers have been quite reluctant to take me on board before maternity leave officially starts…I’d love to keep myself occupied workwise up until maternity leave but whatever job might still come my way within the coming weeks, I am – for now – not pursuing professional goals with the same eagerness that I used to apply. When I took on the job I left today, it felt like this could be a break for me. Little did I expect events to unfold as they did. Back then (and for quite some time while on the job) I was putting all my energy into climbing the professional ladder. And while still pushing for the accomplishment of my mission in the most professional manner, my priorities have definitely started to shift within the last couple of months.In my mind, I have actually started to focus more on the job I applied for a couple of months ago and whose title reads “mom-to-be”.


Food ‘n’ Smoke

2016-02-23 - Food 02Back in the days, I too would occasionally go out in bars and discotheques which were not smoke-free (which was actually sort of inevitable coming where I come from) and it never really bothered me that much, at least not WHILST going out…later, sure, I would not appreciate the smell of my hair, clothes, etc.

But ever since I got pregnant, I have become EXTREMELY sensitive towards all smells. So, the other night, whilst enjoying a very delicious dinner at a smoke-free restaurant, I was surprised at how even the smell of people passing by our table (who clearly had enjoyed a smoking break outside) bothered me! From ten meters away, I could tell people had been enjoying their cigarette break  and I have to admit that – even if I am not against people deciding to do so – the smell still makes me a bit nauseous. (Although it’s not as bad as it was during my first trimester)

Keep on wondering if I should put my newly acquired heightened sense of smell to good use and make a career out of it. Am afraid though that my olfactorial senses will not remain at these elevated levels… Overall, I guess this means that for my upcoming trip to Vienna, I will therefore pre-check which restaurants and cafés to go to…just to make sure that at least there is no lighting up inside.

Starting My Blog

Hi everyone.

EuropatagThis is me: An expat, first time mother-to-be, my Partner and myself travelling at least between Brussels and Luxembourg (not mentioning other Business trips and going “home”, e.g. the Country we’ve expatriated ourselves from.)

On this new journey towards being a mum I have found the internet very helpful on several occasions, especially since I cannot rely on having family (or my partner for that matter) close by.

Part of why I have now decided to start a blog is to engage more pro-actively in dialogue with other moms in similar living circumstances. On a more general level, I’d simply like to hear from moms and moms-to-be, whether they are doing this – presumably but alas not always as glamorous – thing called “expat life” or are living in their home countries.